Retired administrators who were former OPC Members can apply for Term membership to receive Protective Services coverage while in supply administrator positions. Note that Protective Services coverage is not provided to those with Associate status.

Term membership applies to work up to the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan limit during a school year (September-August). If you work beyond that limit, you can extend your coverage, however, full membership fees will be payable.

Apply within 30 days of the start of your term position to receive retroactive coverage. The Term membership application form should be sent to Membership Services by fax, email or post.

For more information about Term membership, please see the information sheet.

New – 50-day limit extended to 95 days for some re-employment

For the period September 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023, the re-employment limit has been extended to 95 days if all re-employment beyond the end of the month in which you exceed the 50-day limit meets all of the following three conditions:

  1. You’re employed directly by a school board in Ontario, the Provincial Schools Authority or the Centre Jules-Léger Consortium.
  2. You work in a school (includes virtual, online and remote).
  3. The position requires you to hold valid teaching certification from the Ontario College of Teachers or Ministry of Education (e.g., teacher, vice principal, principal, guidance counsellor, librarian in a publicly-funded school).

If you meet all of these conditions, you can work until the end of the month in which you exceed the 95-day limit during this period, without affecting your pension.

Your pension will be suspended if even one of these conditions isn’t met, or if you exceed the 50-day limit by the end of June 2021 and continue working in July or August.

50 day-limit remains for other re-employment

 There’s no change to the current re-employment limit of 50 days if you don’t meet all of the conditions above. You can work until the end of the month in which you exceed your 50-day limit without affecting your pension.

Please see the OTPP website for further information.