Auditing candidates may participate in synchronous or asynchronous activities, but they are not required to complete program assignments, nor do they receive a final result (i.e. grade or pass/fail) for the program they are auditing.

A program in which the candidate is registered and attends as an auditor will be entered on the candidate’s OPC record. It will not count towards any certificate and will not be added to the record of qualifications with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), nor will the candidate be permitted to change registration in that program from audit to credit. A change from credit to audit status after the program start date is granted at the discretion of the Program Coordinator responsible for the program.

Candidates may audit a program that they have completed previously, and may also take a program which was previously audited for credit. In every instance, approval is required as stated above. Applications are reviewed by the Program Coordinator responsible for the program. The facilitator teaching the program and the program lead may also be consulted.

Any candidate seeking to audit programs must meet all prerequisites as well as all registration and fee deadlines that apply to other candidates. Audit fees and cancellation policies are identical to the regular program.

To request permission to audit a program, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to audit a program?

Auditing a program means that you participate in synchronous and asynchronous learning activities  but you are not required to submit any assignments. Therefore, you will not receive any credit for the program. Audited programs do not fulfill certificate completion requirements.

Is it possible to audit a course over multiple sessions?

Candidates auditing a course must follow the same timelines as other candidates

What are the fees for auditing a program?

The fees for auditing a program are identical to regular program fees.

Will my facilitator know I am auditing their program?

Yes, all facilitators are consulted and notified of audit candidates in their program cohorts.

Can I change my program from audit to credit?

No, once you are auditing a program your candidate record cannot be changed. Auditing a program does not count toward certification completion requirements.

What do I do in my course if I am auditing?

You are expected to attend and participate in the classroom or online community, this includes all ungraded program activities. However, you should consult and communicate with the program facilitator to determine expected participation in graded group activities, despite not being graded for those activities.