Each month, we will offer several professional learning sessions based on themes identified by our members. All sessions are free to OPC Members and Associates. Non-Members will pay a registration fee for each session.

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 November 30: Disrupting Anti-Black Racism: Stories from the Field

Disrupting Anti-Black Racism: Stories from the Field

Date: Tuesday November 30, 2021.

Time: 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST.

Description: Join this panel discussion session as we hear from district Equity Leads and practicing Principals about their efforts to create change in their roles and contexts.  Hear about the efforts, successes and ongoing challenges of some of your colleagues as they work towards dismantling anti-Black racism in their schools and districts.

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  • Michelle Rodney Bartalols, System Principal of Equity (HWDSB)
  • Tanya Tymkiv, Principal (HWDSB)
  • Karen Murray, Centrally Assigned Principal - Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement (TDSB)
  • Jeffrey Caton, Principal (TDSB)
  • Matthew Webbe, Principal for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (SCDSB)
 December 13: Raising Your Self-Awareness to Better Manage Everyday Stress, Worry and Anxiety

Raising Your Self-Awareness to Better Manage Everyday Stress, Worry and Anxiety

Date: Monday December 13, 2021.

Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST.

Description: This webinar will cover:

  • The importance of self-awareness and how Starling Minds supports your mental health
  • How you can recognize and deal with your triggers
  • What cognitive behavioural tools and strategies you can use to set limits that allow you to better manage your mental health

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Presenter: Tara Achkar

Tara Achkar is the Bilingual Customer Success Manager at Starling Minds. She joined the team in early 2021 and has been supporting member engagement on the platform. Tara is a mental health advocate. She is passionate about sharing tools and techniques to help people improve their well-being.

December 7: Changing You in order to change the world; new perspectives on taking action

Changing YOU in order to change your world; new perspective on taking action!

Date: Tuesday December 7, 2021.

Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm EST.

Description: In the midst of stress, overwhelm and uncertainty in this world we need some optimism and proactivity!  This session will

focus on YOU; taking action for changing you in order to change your world.  When we learn to create habits and actions that change our daily intentions and perspectives we begin to see the world in a different way.  When we can see the world with optimism, positivity and endless possibilities that is when we have mastered putting on our oxygen mask first in order to put on others and become the leaders and people we were truly meant to be!

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Presenter: Michelle Sigmann

Who is Michelle Sigmann? Professionally I am a Vice Principal and a Certified Wellness Coach.  I understand the busyness of life and how overwhelm, and stress can take over our intention to be well and take care of ourselves.  My vision and what I teach is an approach that is both realistic and manageable for busy people trying to do it all.  You can have it all, you just need to be able to learn a system that keeps you focussed, intentional with your time and prioritizing the things that matter the most.  I am excited to watch people get motivated and inspired right in front of me to change their perspective to change their world.

The Ontario Principals’ Council is committed to accommodating the individual needs of our Members and learning session participants, in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Our professional learning offerings provide access to a variety of AODA compliant mechanisms, including technologies, to share, collaborate and connect across Ontario and beyond. If you require accommodation, please contact learning@principals.ca or call 416-322-6600 and ask to speak with a member of our professional learning team.