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May 17: PPM167 Mandatory Online Learning – From Policy to Practice

PPM167 Mandatory Online Learning – From Policy to Practice

Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Time: 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. (EDT).

Description: Recently, the Ontario government released PPM 167, a policy that requires Ontario students to complete two online learning courses as a requirement for graduation. In this session, Todd will be breaking down PPM167 and addressing its implications for educational leaders, practitioners, and students. He will be providing real data on projected increases in student participation in online learning at the Board- and school-level, then presenting to the group questions that need to be answered in our proactive work toward success… e.g., What impact might this have on F2F enrollments? What does this mean for our existing facilities, hardware, and resources? What about attendance and supervision? What existing supports do we have in our schools that need to be leveraged and what new supports are needed? What are the responsibilities/tasks that need to be defined for the varied roles in our schools that support our learners – GCs, SSTs, T-Ls, SERTs, IT Contact, etc.? To contribute to the dialogue, attendees are asked to come with knowledge of their current online learning programs in their Board as well as any planning that is occurring to accommodate increased participation that will result from PPM167.

During the webinar / workshop, examples will also be provided of ‘Hubs of Innovation’ that have been developed and implemented in online learning programs across Ontario Boards.

Finally, Todd will speak briefly about OPC’s potential new AQ course entitled, “Teaching and Learning Through eLearning (a course for current and aspiring educational leaders)”… Unlike the TLTE AQ which focuses on the primarily on the role and work of teachers, this course addresses the essential consideration of VPs, Ps, and SOs

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Facilitator: Todd Pottle

Todd is a Secondary School Administrator on secondment as the Executive Director of the Ontario eLearning Consortium - a grassroots partnership of Ontario School Boards that, since 2005, have worked together to deliver secondary courses online, develop resources, provide PD, support educators, and increase learning opportunities for students. Currently, the Consortium supports 40 member Ontario School Boards, both Public and Catholic, representing students who reside in both metropolitan and rural areas throughout all regions of Ontario. Todd is also the Team Lead for the Ontario Principal's Council (OPC) Teaching and Learning Through eLearning (TLTE) program for current and aspiring educational leaders, an Instructor for Queen's University's TLTE program for teachers, a Course Writer for Queen’s University’s Professional Studies Dept, and has been a Textbook Author and the Lead Writer of a number of curriculum writing initiatives.

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