Who is the International Confederation of Principals?        

ICP LogoThe ICP is the only global association that brings together the representatives of school principals organizations from all over the world to discuss the challenges facing school leaders wherever they work. The ICP was established in 1990 by Principal Associations from 10 countries - Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Japan, The Netherlands, USSR, United Kingdom and United States of America - as the peak global organisation for principals. Today ICP reaches out across four regions of the globe. The ICP is non-political and non-sectoral with members from government and non-government sectors and from primary and secondary schools.

The OPC is a member of the ICP currently made up of over 40 principal/vice-principal associations, spanning 5 continents and representing more than 135,000 school leaders. As an OPC Member, you are among this international peer group and have access to ICP’s resources. We are a proud member in ICP, whose mission statement aligns closely with our own values, namely, a dedication to “the development, support and promotion of school leadership globally” with a particular focus on “creating more equitable opportunities and outcomes for students through quality school leadership.” The connections made through ICP have helped to inform our practice both at the school level and as an association. This international network has also supported our marketing of books, products and professional development services to the international market.

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