The OPC offers a Student Award. The following provides information on general eligibility, selection and application requirements.

Regarding eligibility applicants must

  • be financially dependent on current OPC Members or the estate of a deceased OPC Member
  • provide proof of acceptance to a post-secondary program (e.g. college, university, apprenticeship training, cooperative work/education programs, etc.)
  • provide proof of completion of secondary studies in year of application.

Dependents of retired Members or former Members who have been promoted into the role of superintendent or director do not qualify for this Student Award.

 Application requirements
 Applicants will submit two copies of all required documentation including
  • a completed application form
  • a written statement of no more than 250 words or a video, demonstrating their lifelong commitment to learning
  • any other information required by the OPC District to administer the Student Award program.
Application forms

Student Award General Information

Student Award Application

Student Award District Process and Record

 Each OPC District will establish its own application deadline.
 Approval of applications
Student Award applications are reviewed locally, and decisions are made by the OPC District executive. Award recipients will be notified by June 30th each year.
 Disbursement of funds
OPC Districts disburse the Student Awards from their local funds. The provincial office will reimburse the OPC District upon receipt of the completed District Record Sheet.