Academic Integrity and Professional Conduct Expectations

The Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC) offers a variety of Additional Qualifications (AQ) programs that are accredited through the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT). The expectations of standards-based professional learning is based on the Ethical Standards and Standards of Practice that are also articulated within the Professional Learning Framework for the Teaching Profession and its guiding principles.

In alignment with promoting public trust and confidence in public education, educators must demonstrate honesty, responsibility and trust in the submission and representation of their academic work and related professional experiences. Cheating, plagiarism and misrepresentation of any kind is unacceptable and will be addressed using a progressive discipline model.

Examples of unacceptable behaviours include

  • submitting forged or falsified documents

  • using unauthorized aids or tools in producing academic work and

  • representing an idea or work of another as one's own (i.e., plagiarism).

Individuals engaging in programs and learning opportunities offered through OPC are expected to be respectful and inclusive through  interactions, assignments and any form of communication. All course materials and resources should not be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, without the express permission of the OPC.

Appeal Process 

The appeal process is in place to ensure that both candidates and personnel know what steps are to be followed if a candidate disagrees with the assessment and evaluation within a program. These appeal procedures are transparent, based on due process and designed to ensure prompt, fair and equitable treatment of all concerned. This procedure is made available to all candidates on the Professional Learning webpage.  



Informal Discussion 

Initial step to potentially resolve issues of concern in discussion with the

  • candidate 

  • facilitator and 

  • program lead.

Formal Appeal 

If issues cannot be resolved, a formal appeal can be requested in writing outlining

  • area(s) of concern 

  • reasons why candidate believes area(s) and

  • other information the candidate deems relevant.

Appeal Panel 

An appeal panel will be convened consisting of the 

  • Director of Professional Learning and Engagement/OPC Registrar and an

  • individual of the candidate’s choosing, who is a practising principal or supervisory officer.

The panel decision will be final and communicated in writing to all parties involved.