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The Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC) is committed to human rights, anti-oppression and anti-racism by fostering inclusive school environments. The OPC is also committed to serving and advocating for its diverse membership in an informed and effective manner. 

The OPC is regularly reviewing and shifting policy and practice to embed principles of human rights, justice and anti-oppression into its services. Some of the key actions that have taken place over the past few years include

  • the creation of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory (EDI) Committee
  • conducting the first OPC Member Census
  • acting on recommendations from the Member Census Report
  • hiring the first Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • reviewing all Professional Learning offerings to embed principles of equity and anti-oppression into topics, resources and facilitation
  • conducting a media campaign to highlight the diverse identities of Members across the province  
  • the creation of sub-committees focussed on Professional Learning and  Recruitment, Retention and Advancement, and
  • the creation of the District EDI Reps position as part of the executive in each OPC District 

The OPC is committed to this ongoing work and will continue to be responsive the needs of its Members and public education in Ontario. We recognize that these initial steps are the start of a long and continuous journey.

The OPC Statement on Human Rights

 EDI Resources

There is a great number of easily accessible resources to further your own learning, support anti-oppressive leadership in schools and guide your practice. Below is an evolving list of equity, diversity and inclusion resources that include information we hope will help our Members work to understand and support the communities and students that they serve. There are many more and we will continually change what is listed here.

We welcome you to make a suggestion or share a resource that you have found has informed your practice and could support your colleagues. Email equity@principals.ca with your thoughts or requests.

If you are looking for something to support your learning on a particular topic, please feel free to reach out directly to the Director of EDI or members of the EDI Advisory Committee.

Let's connect in conversation

The OPC welcomes questions, comments or suggestions for project considerations or collaborative work.
To connect we ask that you please email equity@principals.ca and include an outline or proposal for consideration.