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We are a voluntary, professional association with over 5,000 Members.

Becoming a Member

To apply for membership, fill out a membership application and send to Membership Services by email, fax or post.

New Appointees

If you recently became a principal or vice-principal, becoming a Member of the Ontario Principals' Council is time sensitive. Submit your application within 60 days of your first day in the role to be eligible for historical protective services coverage.


You may become a Member if you

  • are a principal or vice-principal in a publicly funded district school board in Ontario or other government of Ontario agency that is funded by a Ministry of the government of Ontario
  • pay the Membership fees
  • work in the field of education in Ontario and
  • are not a member of the Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF).

If this doesn't fit your role, you can apply to become an Associate of the OPC.