Ensuring that your membership remains in good standing is your responsibility. Good standing is necessary for continued access to OPC benefits and historical protective services coverage. The following status changes will assist you in managing your membership. 

Changes in personal information

Members must notify the OPC of any changes to personal information and are encouraged to use the website for this purpose. Once logged in, click on My Profile to change/update information.

It is the Member’s responsibility to notify the OPC of any changes in membership status or personal information. Overpayments resulting from the Member’s failure to notify the OPC of their change in personal information will not be refunded.

Leaves of Absence
Long-Term Disability (LTD)
 Principals/vice-principals on long-term disability (LTD) may remain Members of the OPC and are not required to pay membership fees. Upon returning to work on a gradual,  part or full-time basis, it is the responsibility of the Member to inform the OPC within 60 calendar days of the return and to resume payment of membership fees. Members approved for LTD and not enrolled in the OPC Benefits Plan must provide OPC Benefits with proof of LTD approval for membership fees to be waived.
Pregnancy/Parental/Adoption Leave
Principals/vice-principals on statutory pregnancy/parental/adoption leave may remain Members of the OPC and are not required to pay membership fees. Membership fees are waived during statutory leaves for a maximum of 18 months. Documentation from the board, indicating the start and end dates of the statutory leave, is required to support a waiver. If a Member remains on leave following the expiry of their statutory leave, the Member must, within 60 calendar days of the expiry of the statutory leave, become a Class 5 Associate to maintain entitlement to historical protective services coverage. Upon returning to work, it is the responsibility of the Member to inform the OPC within 60 calendar days of the return and to resume payment of membership fees. Contact Membership Services for additional information.
Other Leaves of Absence

To avoid an interruption in membership status and to maintain insurance coverage, a principal/vice-principal on leave must become a Class 5 Associate by completing an application form and paying the appropriate fee.

Other leaves of absence may include deferred, unpaid, sick, etc. A principal/vice-principal who returns to work from any “other leaves of absence” must return to full membership within 30 calendar days or membership status shall be interrupted in accordance with Section 10 of the Membership Policy. Membership fees shall be paid from the first day the principal/vice-principal returns to work.

Members away from work by reason of prolonged, serious illness and not on LTD may apply for a waiver of membership fees. Confidential application by either the Member or a Protective Services Team (PST) staff member, with supporting documentation, shall be made to the Executive. The decision of the Executive is final.

Membership fees

If membership fees remain outstanding for more than 30 calendar days, an interruption in membership will occur. To remain a Member in good standing, ensure that you do not have a lapse in membership fees. The OPC will send a Member in default a notice that fees must be paid to maintain an active membership status. Failure to pay within 30 calendar days of receipt of the notice will result in an interruption in membership. Full representation under the Protective Services Policy (e.g. OCT, OHRT, LTD/WSIB matters) will be limited to incidents that occur after the new date of membership. Retroactive coverage will not be provided unless a duty of fair representation is engaged. You will also not be eligible to maintain LTD/optional life insurance coverage through the OPC, where applicable.

Resigning your OPC Membership

Members who wish to resign their OPC membership must submit the request in writing to the OPC office. Fees are payable until the end of the month in which the resignation takes effect.

Members cannot change membership status retroactively and any overpayments resulting from the failure to notify the OPC of a resignation will not be refunded.