We are recognizing Members’ retirements for the current school year, honouring their commitment to supporting students and their dedication to public education. With the retiree’s consent, the names will be highlighted in a President’s Message and in the fall issue of our Register magazine. Should you wish to be recognized publicly, opt in here. You may also send an email to or at any time, to share your own retirement or the names of colleagues who have retired, or alternatively, encourage them to reach out to us to provide consent to celebrate their career. If your retirement date is not within this current school year, please do not opt-in at this time. We will not publish any names unless we have written consent to do so.

Term Membership

Retired administrators who were former OPC Members can apply for Term membership to receive Protective Services coverage while in supply administrator positions. Note that Protective Services coverage is not provided to those with Associate status.

Tip Sheets

General Guidelines for Retirement

Supply Administrator Positions – Advice for Prospective OPC Term Members


Retirement Letter Sample