Summer Learning Workshops

Join us and colleagues across the province this summer for our engaging hybrid two-day learning opportunities in July and August. 

District School Board Workshops

We offer district school boards a variety of online and in-person workshops to meet administrator’s needs. We work with practising school administrators to improve and build a culture of professional growth. Through a full-day or half-day workshop, participants will identify expectations for success at the beginning of each session, as well as

  • collaborate with facilitators
  • have an opportunity to demonstrate learning and
  • learn through case studies, blogs, twitter chats, written and oral presentations and portfolios.
Equity Leadership to Support Student Well-being and Engagement
This workshop will focus on
  • reflecting on privilege, bias and our own identities
  • understanding culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy (CRRP) and how it is foundational in creating spaces of belonging and 
  • practical actions to promote equity and uphold human rights in schools.
Leading Meaningful School Improvement  

This workshop will focus on

  • leading learning through inquiry processes to drive relevant and impactful adult learning
  • building a collaborative learning culture that drives meaningful school improvement and
  • modeling an open-to-learning stance as a lead learner.
Leading and Inspiring Growth through Mentor-Coaching 

This workshop will focus on

  • exploring mentor-coaching attributes and skills 
  • improving relationships and successfully navigating hard conversations and
  • creating a culture of mentor-coaching and enhancing organizational culture.
Reculturing School Communities

This workshop will focus on

  • creating positive, engaging, inclusive and identity-affirming school environments 
  • exploring a framework for recognizing and interrogating barriers and
  • building strategies and leadership moves to support the journey of “reculturing school communities.” 
Inclusive Environments with Universal Design for Learning

This workshop will focus on

  • centering the needs of the most vulnerable and underserved students in program planning
  • exploring the myth of average and the challenge to reach every student and
  • developing deeper understanding of Universal Design for Learning strategies and how they are foundational to create equitable spaces for all learners to grow and reach their fullest potential.

Custom Workshops 

We can partner with school boards to customize professional learning opportunities to meet your needs on pre-identified topics or by creating content on specific topics of interest. The level of customization can vary and our instructional design team will work with you to create learning that is relevant to your local context. For more information contact Professional Learning at

Would you like to request a workshop? Please complete this brief form. 

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