Upcoming Guest Presenters for July 2022 Summer Modules

Module 1
  • Acts and Regulations: Njeri Sojourner - Campbell - Hicks-Morley 
  • Role of the Supervisory Officer: Warren Hoshizaki, Director - District School Board of Niagara 
  • Personal Skills Required When Working with Indigenous Communities: Tanya Senk, System Superintendent of Indigenous Education - Toronto DSB 
  • EQ-I 360 - Leadership Implications: Mark Zonneveld, Retired Superintendent of Education - Halton DSB 
  • Developing Relationships with Union Groups and OPC: Linda Nicholls, Superintendent of Human Resources - Thames Valley DSB
  • Courageous Conversations: Mark Loya, Superintendent of Human Resource Services – York Region DSB
  • The Role of Supervisory Officers Supporting Principals: Nadine Trepanier-Bisson, Director – Professional Learning – Ontario Principals’ Council
  • Leading Through a Lens of Equity and Diversity: Krishna Burra, Director - Limestone DSB 
  • Leading a System Portfolio: Donna Ford, Superintendent - Peel DSB
  • Typical Day in the life of a Family Schools: Erin Altosaar, Superintendent - Toronto DSB 
  • Team Dynamics: Relationships and Working with the Team: Evelyn Giannopoulos, Superintendent of Education - Waterloo Region DSB
Module 2
  • Leading Student Achievement: Patrick Case, Ministry of Education
  • The Role of the SO in Supporting Student Achievement: Prince Duah, Superintendent - Toronto DSB
  • Working with Indigenous Communities: James Brake, Superintendent - Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB
  • Leading and Managing Change as an SO: Lila Read, Associate Director - Waterloo Region DSB
  • Equity and Inclusive Design Education: Dr. Jewel Amoah, Human Rights and Equity Advisor - Halton DSB
  • Labour Relations Issues and Collective Agreements: Janet Edwards, OPSBA
  • Organizational Change: Listening to Your Community: Rashmi Swarup, Director of Education - Peel DSB
  • Progressive Discipline: Sari Taha, Superintendent of Human Resources - Halton DSB
  • Due Process: Nareem Siddiq, Protective Services - Ontario Principals' Council
  • Equitable Hiring Practices: Michelle Lawrence, Senior Manager - Toronto DSB
  • Equitable Hiring Practices: Sam Venneri, Human Resources Officer - Toronto DSB
Module 3
  • The Provincial Perspective on Special Education: Claudine Munroe, Director: Special Education and Success for All – Ministry of Education
  • The Provincial Perspective on Non-governmental Agencies: Paul Sloan, Ombudsman: Ontario
  • The Provincial Perspective on Supporting Indigenous Communities and Students: Nick Bertrand, Ministry of Education Provincial Perspective
  • Legal Issues in Human Resources: Jamie Nunn, Superintendent - Hamilton-Wentworth DSB
  • Supporting Student Mental Health and Well-Being: Saleem Haniff, Equity Lead - School Mental Health Ontario
  • Supporting Student Mental Health and Well-Being: Theresa Kennedy, Co-Director - School Mental Health Ontario
  • TDSB Supporting Student Mental Health and Well-Being: Shameen Sandhu, System Leader, Mental Health and Professional Support Services - TDSB
  • Relationships Supervisory Officers and Trustees: Margo Shuttleworth, Chair - Halton DSB
  • Relationships Supervisory Officers and Trustees: Curtis Ennis, Director – Halton DSB
  • Provincial Funding Model to Board Budget Process: Matthew Gerard, Superintendent - Waterloo Region DSB
Module 4
  • Leading a Family of Schools While Learning: Neerja Punjabi, Superintendent of Education – Peel DSB
  • Moving to a New School Board: Della Lataille-Herdsman, Superintendent - Waterloo Region DSB
  • Relationship Building with Senior Team and Principals: Estella Jones, Superintendent of Education – Hamilton-Wentworth DSB
  • Operationalizing Ontario's Equity Education Action Plan: Crissa Hill, Superintendent - Waterloo Region DSB
  • Utilizing Student Census Data to Change Processes and Practices: Cecil Roach, Associate Director – York Region DSB
  • Building a Vision and Supporting Leadership Through an Equity Lens: Mohamed Hamid, Superintendent of Education: Equity - Indigenous Education – Durham DSB
  • Internet Privacy and Social Media Considerations Communication and Media Relations for Supervisory Officers: Nadya Tymochenko, Partner – Miller Thomson LLP