Upcoming Guest Presenters for Fall 2022 Modules

Module 1
  • Leading Through a Lens of Equity and Diversity: Krishna Burra, Director - Limestone DSB 
  • The Role of the Supervisory Officer from a Personal and Professional Perspective: Harjit Aujla, Associate Director – Peel DSB
  • Courageous Conversations: Mark Loya, Superintendent of Human Resource Services – Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB
  • The role of the Supervisory Officer in supporting Principals during challenging times: Nadine Trepanier-Bisson, Director of Professional Learning, Ontario Principals’ Council
  • Acts and Regulations: Njeri Sojourner, Lawyer - Hicks-Morley 
  • What it means to be a Supervisory Officer Today:
    • Donna Ford, Superintendent – Peel DSB
    • Erin Altosaar, Superintendent – Toronto DSB

    • Evelyn Giannopoulos, Superintendent – Waterloo Region DSB

  • Developing Relationships with School District Staff: Linda Nicholls, Superintendent of Human Resources - Thames Valley DSB
  • Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership: Mark Zonneveld, Retired Superintendent of Education - Halton DSB
  • Personal skills required when working with Indigenous communities: Tanya Senk, Superintendent of Education - Toronto DSB


Module 3
  • The Provincial Perspective on Special Education: Claudine Munroe, Director: Special Education and Success for All – Ministry of Education
  • Provincial Perspectives on Non-governmental agencies: Paul Sloan - Ombudsman, Ontario
  • From Provincial Funding to School Board Budget: Matthew Gerard, Coordinating Superintendent - Waterloo Region DSB
  • Developing Relationships with School District Staff: Jamie Nunn, Superintendent of Human Resources - Hamilton Wentworth DSB
  • Mental Health and Professional Support Services: Shameen Sandhu, System Leader - Toronto DSB
  • Supporting Student Mental Health and Well-Being: Dr. Barbara Ward - Waterloo Region DSB
  • Relationships between Trustees and Supervisory Officers: Curtis Ennis, Director - Halton DSB
  • Ministry Initiatives to support and enhance student achievement: Yael Ginsler, Assistant Deputy Minister - Ministry of Education