What is a Micro-credential Certificate? 

Micro-credential certificates is official recognition for completing an Additional Qualification (AQ) Program. A blockchain digital micro-credential is a tamper-proof and verifiable credential which stores information such as the issuing institution, the date the certificate was completed and the learning objectives. Upon receiving your digital micro-credential certificate, it can be added to your resume, social media, LinkedIn profile and easily shared with current or prospective employers. 

A micro-credential certificate is available for the following AQ Programs

  • Education Law Qualification Program (ELQP)

  • Mentoring Qualification Program (MQP)

  • Principal’s Development Course (PDC)

  • Principal's Qualification Program (PQP)

  • Special Education for Administrators Qualification Program (SEAQP)

  • Supervisory Officer’s Qualification Program (SOQP) and

  • Teaching and Learning Through e-Learning Qualification Program (TLTEQP)

Earn a Micro-credential Certificate

Micro-credential Certificate Sample Image 

Frequently asked questions

 When will my micro-credential certificate be issued?
 Your micro-credential certificate will be issued four weeks upon the successful completion of all AQ requirements.
 How do I display my micro-credential certificate on social media?
Upon receiving your micro-credential via email, click on the link to open up your digital micro-credential certificate on Accredible. Locate the “email” button on the page and click “share this credential via public share link”. Copy this link and upload to LinkedIn or other platforms.