Qualified candidates can apply to Charles Sturt University for inclusion of this AQ as a prior learning credit towards the Master of International Education (School Leadership) or Master of Education degree.

The SEAQP offers you an opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and knowledge to support your work in leading Special Education. You will reflect on ways to improve your professional practice, as you transform the culture of your school to become more inclusive and ensure the success of all students, including those with special needs. 

The SEAQP includes a culminating reflective journal that focuses your learning on a challenge you have regarding special education in your school. Assignments are often job-embedded and can be adjusted to meet individual learning needs. The course creates a community where learners discuss topics and share learning with one another.

Our Special Education for Administrators' program is based on the Ontario College of Teachers' guidelines - Schedule C. The course includes learning outcomes in the following areas

  • foundations and legislation
  • instructional leadership and leading change in special education
  • building an inclusive and equitable school culture
  • building relationships and developing people to support students with special needs
  • responding to conflict and challenges
  • assessing and evaluating with special education in mind and
  • developing the organization.

A minimum of 125 hours is included in the course. School boards that offer this program are able to tailor the program to the unique characteristics of each district.

Module Information

This course consists of four learning modules.

Module 1 - Theoretical Foundations and Setting Directions

  • Defining the “Growth Mindset”
  • Setting goals using the Ontario Leadership Framework and School Effectiveness Framework
  • Special education law
  • Change theory and leading change related to special education
  • Leading the Identification Placement Review Committee (I.P.R.C.) process
  • Understanding the Ministry's categories of exceptionalities
  • Navigating special education ethical dilemmas and
  • Building a school culture of equity


Module 2 - Improving the Instructional Program 

  • Theory of the Learner – from research to practice
  • Leadership that supports improved use of research-based instructional approaches
  • Individual education plans
  • Use of data to support the teaching and learning process
  • Managing aggressive behaviour related to special education needs

Module 3 - Building Relationships to Create an Inclusive and Accepting School Culture

  • Building trust with students, staff and community
  • Professional Learning Communities through a special education lens
  • Assessment and evaluation with special education in mind
  • Shared solutions for preventing and resolving conflicts

Module 4 - Developing the Organization to Support All Learners

  • Community engagement - parents as partners in supporting students with special education needs
  • The importance of communication with all stakeholders
  • Creating safe and caring schools through informed mitigation
  • Equity and inclusive education and cultural competencies
  • Leading mentally healthy schools


Course Fee

$850.00 (covers all four modules, includes $50 non-refundable registration fee).

Admission Requirements

To participate in the SEAQP, you must be a practising principal/vice-principal or currently be on a VP shortlist.

Upcoming Sessions

Summer 2019 (Online)
Module 1

August 19 - September 16

Module 2

September 16 - October 14

Module 3

October 14 - November 11

Module 4

November 11 - December 9


Registration Deadline: August 6




Refund Policy
Refund Policy

A full refund is available if you cancel 2 weeks before the start date, less the $50 non-refundable registration fee.

A $250.00 refund is available if you cancel 1 week before the start date.

There is no refund for cancellations after the start date.

Interpretation Services Terms and Conditions

The Ontario Principal’s Council (OPC) is committed to accommodating the individual needs of our Members, in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code.  Once a candidate has registered and paid the applicable registration fees for a course, the OPC will contract with an interpretation service of its choosing and will cover the fees and expenses related to interpretation services in accordance with its contract arrangements with the interpreter.  The candidate is welcome to provide a list of preferred interpreters for us to consider, but OPC retains the discretion to choose the provider of these services.

As the OPC is required to comply with the cancellation policy specific to each independent interpreter, it will communicate the cancellation policy to the course candidate in writing. A candidate seeking to cancel their participation in an OPC course must comply with the interpreter’s cancellation policy and be respectful of the associated timelines. Candidates will be held responsible for cancellation fees applied as a result of missing timelines for cancellation.

OPC’s standard refund policy will also apply to all cancellations.