Our workshops are available to boards on request and can be customized to meet your needs.


Principal Legal Duties and Responsibilities 
  • what are the principal’s legal duties and responsibilities?
  • what does it mean to be an “agent of the board?”
  • what does a principal need to know when using social media?
  • what does a principal need to know when investigating the misuse of social media?
  • what are the principal’s duties and liabilities in relation to the Child and Family Services Act?
 Pedagogical Leadership for School Improvement 
  • instructional leadership and school management
  • student centered learning
  • school culture and its impact on learning and teaching
  • co-leading the instructional program
 Culturally Responsive and Relevant Leadership
  • equity, inclusivity, social justice and schools
  • mindsets and equitable schools
  • privilege, bias and culturally response and relevant leadership
  • positive school culture and leadership
Supporting Students Who Are or Identify as Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning (2SLGBTQ+)
  • exploring bias and student agency
  • fostering allies
  • intersectionality
  • fostering personal leadership resources
 Mentoring Coaching and School Leadership
  • what mentor coaching attributes and/or skills do great leaders exhibit?
  • to what extent can mentor coaching skills enable leaders to successfully navigate hard conversations?
  • to what extent can mentor coaching skills improve relationships and organizational culture?
  • how can leaders create a culture of mentor coaching?
 Professional and Challenging Conversations
  • leading change with professional conversations
  • planning for a challenging conversation
  • crafting an outcome map
  • understanding empathy, reframing, non-verbal behaviours and listening
 Leading the Kindergarten Program
  • four frames of the kindergarten program
  • play-based learning in a culture of inquiry
  • dealing with uncertainties in pedagogical documentation
  • Principal as co-learner in creating the conditions for learning
 Navigating the Complexities of Student Aggression Related to Special Education Needs
  • review of legislation that applies to aggression
  • examine how to build staff capacity to understand the needs of students
  • programming ideas to reduce unwanted behavior
  • balance rights and needs of students while ensuring a safe learning environment
  • working with staff, unions and community members
 Planning for the Success of Students with Special Education Needs 
  • planning for a new school year
  • placing student with special needs at the centre of our planning & decision making
  • exploring timetabling, structures, resources, the PLC model
  • examining how to build the capacity of all staff to ensure all students meet with success
  Leading the Special Education Program 
  • the law, special education and the individual education plan
  • building the staff capacity to meet the needs of all students
  • the complexities of special education student aggression
  • building collaborative partnerships with parents
 Modern Learning and Leading 
  • rethinking digital citizenship
  • shared vision of learning in a digital age
  • creating a culture of learning
  • innovative learning spaces
 Building a Digital Leadership Portfolio
  • leading a collaborative inquiry
  • designing a digital leadership portfolio
  • creating a school and personal blog
  • creating a school and personal website
 A Team Approach to Meeting the Needs of All Students
  • explore a variety of planning templates to support communication, understand team member roles that will work collaboratively for students
  • leadership strategies to build strong teams
 Supporting Leadership in Mathematics Learning 
  • foundational knowledge in mathematics
  • effective instructional approaches in effective math classrooms
  • assessment and evaluation
  • implications for professional learning and school improvement planning
 Leading Well-Being in Your School
  • creating mentally healthy schools
  • establishing a common language and understanding
  • tiered support model for school mental health and well-being
  • everyday mental health practices
 Leading the French Immersion School
  • the evolution of French immersion in Ontario
  • effective practices in French immersion classrooms
  • inclusion in the French immersion program
  • French immersion teacher retention and developing the French immersion program