Our workshops are available to boards on request and can be customized to meet your needs. We can partner with school boards to customize professional learning opportunities to meet your needs on pre-identified topics or by creating content on specific topics of interest. The level of customization can vary and our instructional design team will work with you to create learning that is relevant to your local context.


Principal Legal Duties and Responsibilities 
  • what are the principal’s legal duties and responsibilities?
  • what does it mean to be an “agent of the board?”
  • what does a principal need to know when using social media?
  • what does a principal need to know when investigating the misuse of social media?
  • what are the principal’s duties and liabilities in relation to the Child and Family Services Act?
 Pedagogical Leadership for School Improvement 
  • instructional leadership and school management
  • student centered learning
  • school culture and its impact on learning and teaching
  • co-leading the instructional program
 Culturally Responsive and Relevant Leadership
  • equity, inclusivity, social justice and schools
  • mindsets and equitable schools
  • privilege, bias and culturally response and relevant leadership
  • positive school culture and leadership
Supporting Students Who Are or Identify as Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning (2SLGBTQ+)
  • exploring bias and student agency
  • fostering allies
  • intersectionality
  • fostering personal leadership resources
 Mentoring Coaching and School Leadership
  • what mentor coaching attributes and/or skills do great leaders exhibit?
  • to what extent can mentor coaching skills enable leaders to successfully navigate hard conversations?
  • to what extent can mentor coaching skills improve relationships and organizational culture?
  • how can leaders create a culture of mentor coaching?
 Professional and Challenging Conversations
  • leading change with professional conversations
  • planning for a challenging conversation
  • crafting an outcome map
  • understanding empathy, reframing, non-verbal behaviours and listening
 Leading the Kindergarten Program
  • four frames of the kindergarten program
  • play-based learning in a culture of inquiry
  • dealing with uncertainties in pedagogical documentation
  • Principal as co-learner in creating the conditions for learning
 Navigating the Complexities of Student Aggression Related to Special Education Needs
  • review of legislation that applies to aggression
  • examine how to build staff capacity to understand the needs of students
  • programming ideas to reduce unwanted behavior
  • balance rights and needs of students while ensuring a safe learning environment
  • working with staff, unions and community members
 Planning for the Success of Students with Special Education Needs 
  • planning for a new school year
  • placing student with special needs at the centre of our planning & decision making
  • exploring timetabling, structures, resources, the PLC model
  • examining how to build the capacity of all staff to ensure all students meet with success
  Leading the Special Education Program 
  • the law, special education and the individual education plan
  • building the staff capacity to meet the needs of all students
  • the complexities of special education student aggression
  • building collaborative partnerships with parents
 Modern Learning and Leading 
  • rethinking digital citizenship
  • shared vision of learning in a digital age
  • creating a culture of learning
  • innovative learning spaces
 Building a Digital Leadership Portfolio
  • leading a collaborative inquiry
  • designing a digital leadership portfolio
  • creating a school and personal blog
  • creating a school and personal website
 A Team Approach to Meeting the Needs of All Students
  • explore a variety of planning templates to support communication, understand team member roles that will work collaboratively for students
  • leadership strategies to build strong teams
 Supporting Leadership in Mathematics Learning 
  • foundational knowledge in mathematics
  • effective instructional approaches in effective math classrooms
  • assessment and evaluation
  • implications for professional learning and school improvement planning
 Leading Well-Being in Your School
  • creating mentally healthy schools
  • establishing a common language and understanding
  • tiered support model for school mental health and well-being
  • everyday mental health practices
 Leading the French Immersion School
  • the evolution of French immersion in Ontario
  • effective practices in French immersion classrooms
  • inclusion in the French immersion program
  • French immersion teacher retention and developing the French immersion program