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Our Education Law Qualification Program (ELQP) includes the statutes that inform education in Ontario from the federal level to the board and school levels with an emphasis on

  • a principal's accountability
  • laws
  • policies and
  • regulations.

It uses a case-study approach and is supported by a variety of resources including

  • case law reviews
  • expert presenters
  • external legal websites and
  • our Protective Services resources.  

Members of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) in good standing can take this course.

Module Information

Module 1 - Legal Contexts

  • Ensuring Procedural Fairness
  • Examining Regulation 298: How important are the details?
  • From Paper to Practice: Education law in Ontario
  • How Does an Idea Become a Law?
  • Legal Concepts
  • The Education Act and Regulations: Who does what?
  • The Law and Politics

Module 2 - Management of Schools

  • Behaviour and Performance: Understanding the difference
  • Collective Agreements / Terms and Conditions
  • Employment Law
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Regulating the Profession: What is the public interest?

Module 3 - Rights of Students and Employees

  • Child Protection
  • Equality versus Equity
  • Privacy and Information Management
  • Safeguarding against Injury
  • The Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC)

Module 4 - Safety and Health

  • Disability and Wellness
  • Educational Law – The complexity
  • Health and Safety
  • Safe Schools
  • Understanding Legal Liability 
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment

A minimum of 125 hours is included in the course. 

Qualified candidates can apply to Charles Sturt University (CSU) for inclusion of this Additional Qualification (AQ) as a prior learning credit towards the Master of International Education (School Leadership) or Master of Education degree.

Course Fee


Includes all four modules and a $50 non-refundable registration fee.

Upcoming Sessions

Registration deadlines are firm.

 Fall 2022 - Online

October 1, 2022 - December 17, 2022

  • Module 1 - October 1 - Octctober 16
  • Module 2 - October 15 – November 4
  • Module 3 - November 5 – November 25
  • Module 4 - November 26 – December 17

 Registration deadline: September 17



 Spring 2023 - Online

March 20, 2023 - May 31, 2023

  • Module 1 - March 20 – April 3
  • Module 2 - April 4 – April 22
  • Module 3 - April 23 – May 12
  • Module 4 - May 13 - 31

 Registration deadline: March 06


Online module dates are guidelines. There is flexibility to meet the needs of candidates. Course work is expected to be completed by the end date for each session. 

Board Partnerships

It is a priority for us to develop, provide and support a variety of relevant, accessible and locally customized professional learning opportunities, based on diverse Member needs, feedback and job demands. For those looking to offer this program in your board, we can customize most of our programs and learning sessions to the unique characteristics of each district upon request. Email us to offer the ELQP within your Board.

Terms and Conditions

 Refund Policy

A full refund is available if you cancel up to two weeks before the start date, less a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee.


A $250.00 refund is available if you cancel one week before the start date.


There is no refund for cancellations after the start date.


A full refund applies when a session is cancelled due to low enrollment. 

 Interpretation Services
The Ontario Principals' Council® (OPC) is committed to accommodating the individual needs of our Members, in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and the Ontario Human Rights Code.  Once a candidate has registered and paid the applicable registration fees for a course, the OPC will contract with an interpretation service of its choosing and will cover the fees and expenses related to interpretation services in accordance with its contract arrangements with the interpreter.  The candidate is welcome to provide a list of preferred interpreters for us to consider, but OPC retains the discretion to choose the provider of these services.

As the OPC is required to comply with the cancellation policy specific to each independent interpreter, it will communicate the cancellation policy to the course candidate in writing. A candidate seeking to cancel their participation in an OPC course must comply with the interpreter’s cancellation policy and be respectful of the associated timelines. Candidates will be held responsible for cancellation fees applied as a result of missing timelines for cancellation.

OPC’s standard refund policy will also apply to all cancellations.