Influence Through Insight: Cultivating Your Relationship with Board Leaders

A virtual session for Local Leaders and Councillors - November 7, 2023 - 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Transitioning from being a school principal to being a school principal who is also the local OPC President can be complex. In this virtual session, all interested presidents will gain better insight into how to best deepen their influence and relationship with the senior team and Director of Education. The goals for the session will be to (i) understand the context for district work, (ii) become more familiar with the board governance model and how that impacts district culture, and (iii) explore strategies that enable a productive working relationship with the senior team. There will also be time dedicated to your questions to support you in your role.

 Presenter - Norah Marsh


Norah Marsh has extensive experience working at the senior level in public education. She was the CEO of a provincial crown agency and served as Director of Education for Durham District School Board. Her leadership is defined by her commitment to Indigenous and human rights and addressing systemic inequities. In 2023 Norah began her consulting and coaching practice, Marsh & McMahon Executive Consulting Services,  where she works with senior leaders to improve workplace cultures, address policy gaps, and support environments where staff thrive. Nationally and internationally, she has presented on various topics including equitable education, workplace well-being, change management, ethical and compassionate leadership, governance, and sound assessment practices.


Rebate Policy Webinar

A virtual session for Local Leaders and Treasurers - November 2, 2023

Further to the approval of the Rebate Policy by Provincial Council on September 26, 2023, a virtual Rebate Policy Webinar was held for Local Leaders and Treasurers on November 2, 2023. Below are links to the documents discussed in the video.

Request for Provincial Rebate Form

Financial Statement Template

Watch the recording