The OPC Policy and Governance Sub-Committee was formed in the spring of 2022 in response to one of the areas of priority outlined in the 2020 Census Report. This sub-committee was formed through a call out to Members and consists of individuals representing diverse identities, roles and geographic regions.  

This group will examine, review and make recommendations related to current OPC policies and practices and also propose new policies and practices that can be adopted by the OPC.

Committee Members

Aditi Sayed (she/her) OPC Staff Law Clerk
Amy Johnson (she/her) RCDSB Principal
Earle Wright (he/him) HPEDSB Principal

Elana Gellar (she/her) 

YRDSB Vice-principal
Kristen Kosh (she/her) DSBN Principal
Stephen Koshurba (he/him) KPRDSB  Principal
Lisa Collins (she/her) NNDSB Principal
Sripriya Rajan (she/her) YRDSB Vice-principal
Naya Markanastasakis (she/her) OCDSB Principal