The OPC Recruitment, Retention and Advancement Sub-Committee was formed in the fall of 2021 in response to one of the areas of priority identified by the  EDI Advisory Committee and the 2020 Census Report. This sub-committee was formed through a call out to all Members and consists of individuals representing diverse identities, roles and geographic perspectives. 

The purpose of this sub-committee is to support the strategic goal of improving service to Members as well as promoting greater diversity in the profession, including identifying and removing barriers to inclusion. The work of this sub-committee is ongoing and aims to be responsive to the needs of our Members. 

We encourage you to visit this page periodicially for progress updates by the sub-committee.

Committee Members

Barry Bedford (He/Him/His) DDSB Principal
Alison Bradshaw (She/Her) SCDSB Principal
Damon Ealey  (He/Him) UGDSB Vice-principal
Elizabeth Innes  DSB1 Vice-principal
Tasleem Ladak-Haidari (She/Her) YRDSB Principal
Jeff Maharaj DDSB Principal
Kenneth Mak (He/Him) OCDSB Vice-principal
Raquel Roberts (She/Her) GECDSB Principal
Michelle Rodney (She/Her/Elle) HWDSB Principal
Christina Saunders TDSB Principal
Sherwyn Solomon (He/Him) OCDSB Principal
Lesa Williams-George (She/her) TDSB Principal