National Principal’s Day is celebrated on May 1 each year. 

The day acknowledges the valuable work performed by our principals and vice-principals. It recognizes the contributions made by front-line leaders who interact daily with students, staff, parents and community members.

Throughout the school year, principals and vice-principals support, mentor and guide teachers and staff, resulting in productive learning environments for our students. They promote academic success and set the tone for an entire school.

Being a principal or vice-principal can be the most challenging and the most rewarding role in education. The influence you have extends beyond the walls of a classroom or school building. We are proud that each of you plays a key role in the success of Ontario’s world-class public education system.  

As the voluntary, professional associations representing over 8,000 practising principals and vice-principals in public and Catholic, French and English, elementary and secondary schools across Ontario, ADFO, CPCO and OPC celebrate and support this day in recognition of our collective membership. 

Thank you for your endless service, dedication to an outstanding education system and your role in developing tomorrow’s leaders.

National Principal's Day 2021

National Principal's Day 2022