The Emerging Leader Development Program (ELDP) is designed to prepare teachers for a successful transition to a school administrator role. The five-hour online modules are facilitated by practising principals and provide an opportunity for reflection and dialogue with other emerging leaders. The ELDP focuses on topics described in recent research or identified as helpful by new and experienced principals and vice-principals in building their capacity to deal with the complexity of the role.

Modules may be completed in any order. You can choose as many or as few as you would like to participate in. This is not a certificate program.

Module information

Module 1Developing an Understanding of the School Principal Role

  • The legal duties of principals as outlined in the Education Act
  • The Ontario Leadership Framework: developing an understanding of the 5 domains and how the OLF can be used as a guide for professional growth
  • The personal leadership resources and how they impact the role of the principal
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Module 2Having a Professional/Challenging Conversation

  • Different types of conversations
  • Cognitive and emotional barriers
  • Active trust as an essential part of making change and leading a school
  • Recognizing the power of listening throughout the conversation

Module 3Exploring your Equity Stance

  • The impact of privilege and unconscious bias impact on school, students, staff and communities
  • The principal as change agent
  • Recognizing biases/privilege and the extent to which these inform our decision-making attitudes and actions
  • The moral imperative in creating an equity and inclusive stance

Module 4 – What is Instructional Leadership?

  • How leadership and management are intertwined in the role of principal
  • The changing nature of school leadership
  • The difference between professional learning and professional development
Module 5 - Leading Safe Schools
  • The role of the principal in creating and maintaining safe and caring schools
  • Progressive discipline as a whole-school approach
  • Bullying intervention and prevention as integral to a positive school climate
  • Restorative circles as a means of working through conflict in schools
Module 6 - Data Informed Decision Making
  • The role of the principal in promoting a culture of excellence and accountability
  • Internal, external and holistic accountability
  • Types of data: achievement, demographic, perceptual, and program
  • Data and the School Effectiveness Framework and the School Improvement Process
Module 7 -  What are the Legal Duties of a Principal?
  • The similarities and differences between the legal duties of a teacher and principal
  • The relationship between a principal's legal duties and their daily practice
  • Health and safety of students and staff
  • Principal duties related to statutes, regulations, PPM's and board policy

Module 8 - Growing Your Personal Leadership Resources (PLR's)

  • Social resources, psychological resources, and cognitive resources
  • Self-awareness through assessment surveys
  • Strategies to build strong PLR's
  • Personal action plan & SMART goals

Module 9 - Life-Balance for Aspiring Leaders

  • Examine life-balance and it's complexities
  • Explore the wellness wheel
  • Understand your well-being and link to practice
  • Ways to enhance your well-being

Module 10 - Fostering a Culture of Reconciliation in our Schools

  • Build understandings of the origins, histories, and historical contributions of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Develop awareness and knowledge of treaties and treaty relationships to further our journey towards reconciliation.
  • Learn and understand more about the Indian Act and how it has impacted the lives of Indigenous peoples since 1876.
  • Understand Indigenous experiences related to forced assimilation and the legacy of residential schools.
  • Develop an understanding of the Indigenous protest movement.
  • Set goals of reconciliation for ourselves and our school communities.

Course fee

$100 + HST per module 

2021 Schedule

The modules are available online for one week at time per the schedule below. The expectaion is that five hours worth of work is completed within that week. Program deadlines are firm.

July 5 - 6 Module 1 - Developing an Understanding of the School Principal Role  June 28
July 7 - 8 Module 2 - Having a Professional/Challenging Conversation  June 30
July 12 - 13 Module 3 - Exploring your Equity Stance July 5
July 14 - 15 Module 4 - What is Instructional Leadership? July 7
July 19 - 20 Module 5 - Leading Safe Schools  July 12

July 21 - 22

Module 6 - Data Informed Decision Making  July 14
July 26 - 27 Module 7 - What are the Legal Duties of a Principal?  July 19
July 28 - 29 Module 8 - Growing Your Personal Leadership Resources (PLR’s) July 21
August 9 - 10 Module 9 - Life-Balance for Aspiring Leaders  August 2
August 11 - 12

Module 10 - Fostering a Culture of Reconciliation in our Schools

August 4



Board Partnerships

It is a priority for us to develop, provide and support a variety of relevant, accessible and locally customized professional learning opportunities, based on diverse Member needs, feedback and job demands. For those looking to offer this program in your board, we can customize most of our programs and learning sessions to the unique characteristics of each district upon request.  

Cancellation and refund policy

A full refund will be issued if cancelled one week before the course start date. An administrative fee of 50% of the course cost will be charged for late cancellations. There will be no refund for cancellations after the course start date.