Memorandum to: Directors of Education; Secretary/Treasurers of School Authorities 

From: Yael Ginsler, Assistant Deputy Minister, Student Achievement Division; Denys Giguère, Assistant Deputy Minister, French Language Teaching, Learning and Achievement Division 

Subject: Grade 10 Courses - Update


This memo is in follow-up to the January 9, 2023 email regarding ministry policy on Grade 10 courses (below). Thank you to those boards that have reached out to us regarding their plans for Grade 10 Applied/Academic courses.  

While we reiterate that ministry policy is to continue to offer all course types as set out in Ontario Schools, Kindergarten to Grade 12: Policy and Program Requirements  section 7.2.1, we understand that some school boards are considering moving ahead with a focus on Academic course pathways in Grade 10. School boards that are exploring these approaches in the 2023-24 school year should consider the following critical practices:

  • Using a phased approach (e.g., selected pilot schools and/or selected disciplines) based on preparation, board data and lessons learned from Grade 9;
  • Providing ongoing professional learning opportunities and/or supports for educators; 
  • Engaging local federations and other important sector partners;
  • Providing timely information to parents/guardians about course registration and student learning pathways related to the school board’s Grade 10 plans (in multiple languages, if appropriate), including at Grade 8 parent/guardian information sessions and on school and school board websites; 
  • Collecting and monitoring student progress throughout the school year and intervening in a timely way if there are any negative impacts on students; and
  • Seeking advice from the board’s own legal counsel, as necessary.

We are requesting that school boards provide an outline of their approach and how they are implementing the above practices to the ministry by February 28, using this Form. These boards will also be requested to provide updates and information to the ministry periodically (more details on this process will be provided to boards, as applicable).

Locally Developed Compulsory Credit (LDCC) courses

All school boards must continue to monitor enrollment in Grade 9 and 10 courses to ensure that enrollment in Locally Developed Compulsory Credit (LDCC) courses does not increase. School boards are expected to have Supervisory Officers review and approve all individual student LDCC course enrollments to ensure these courses are being used appropriately. 

As a reminder, and as communicated on April 12, 2022, a moratorium continues to be in place for newly developed locally developed courses. As such, new locally developed course offerings that have not been approved by the ministry for implementation may not be offered in schools. Please see the Guide to Locally Developed Courses for information about locally developed courses. 

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and efforts to ensure that all students are supported to be successful. 


Yael Ginsler and Denys Giguère