The Register welcomes submissions intended to build the professional capacity of principals and vice-principals in elementary and secondary schools. The following are guidelines and considerations to increase the likelihood of your submission’s inclusion into the magazine:

What Should I Write About?

Articles are welcome on a wide variety of topics as long as they are of professional interest to secondary and/or elementary school leaders. The Register has a provincial readership, so it is important to ensure submissions have a broad (rather than local) appeal. All considerations received are evaluated on their relevancy, readability, originality, interest level and topic timeliness.

Specifically, the editorial committee seeks submissions that

  • Incorporate exemplary best practices and/or programs with outlined reflections and/or a discussion of barriers or problems that have been encountered. While they do not need to be research-oriented, they should encompass more than a celebration or promotion of any single school's success. In addition to outlining a program, the article should also highlight what principals and vice-principals in other schools would find useful about your experience.
  • Promote programs and practices that are replicable. Provide details about the planning and process phases. Highlight what you learned, what you would change, what worked and what didn't.
  • Consider what principals can do with the information, even if it is to think about a problem from a different perspective. Include tips, advice and examples that can be provided as sidebars.
  • Offer opinions on some topic of professional interest to principals.

How Should I Write It?

Feature Articles

Much like any other magazine, The Register looks for articles written in an informal, first person, conversational style. The length should be around 2000 words, including any references or sidebars, and should establish purpose, avoid overuse of educational jargon, provide examples where applicable and summarize effectively.

When referencing other works, authors should embed references within text ("As Jane Smith explains in her book On Education…") rather than parenthetical references or footnotes. If needed, you may include selected references at the end of the manuscript (The Register uses the latest edition of The Canadian Press Style Book).

As a digital publication, include hyperlinks for any useful references to other resources in your submission to promote active participation by the reader.


This column is open to all book, app, video or resource reviews of interest to principals and vice-principals. Include the author’s name, publisher, price and purchasing information and/or website address. The column length for all reviews is 550-600 words.

Share Your Story

Designed as a personal reflective section, this column is great to answer a question, share a student success story, comment on a new program/practice or reflect on your years in education. The column length for all reviews is 400-460 words.

What Should I Include in the Submission Package?

  • Manuscripts may be sent electronically via email to
  • Include a cover letter that indicates your intention, and short summary of topic, as well as whether or not it has been submitted elsewhere (and if so, where and when it was previously published).
  • Include your name, one-or-two line biography and email address.

What Else Should I Consider?

If you provide any graphics, charts, or photographs, you must include a credit line and brief caption that identifies the titles or individuals in each item. Photos with persons under the age of 18 must include a photo consent form signed by the parent or guardian of that child.

If you use an extended quotation (including charts, graphs and tables) from another publication, you must obtain written permission from that publisher before submitting it with your manuscript to The Register. This permission must accompany the manuscript and there must be a proper credit line provided.

Submissions by authors retain copyright in the original work that they produce; however, authors who wish to republish articles edited by The Register will require written permission from the OPC. An author who requests permission to republish his or her edited article generally receives it, with the understanding that the secondary publication is asked to cite The Register as the original publisher. Each author is responsible for the accuracy of references, quotations, tables and, where applicable, for obtaining written consent for the disclosure of any personal information or images.

In accepting a manuscript, the OPC has the right, with due credit to the author(s), to

  • copy edit and publish the submission
  • republish the submission or any part of it in future publications and
  • reprint the submission in whole or in part at any time.

What Happens After I Submit the Manuscript?

  • You will receive an email or phone call acknowledging receipt of your manuscript within a few days.
  • The editorial committee reserves the right to make any editorial changes and the committee makes the final decision when the article will be published.
  • The editor will be in occasional contact with you to discuss revisions.
  • You may be contacted to setup a photo shoot depending on the nature of the manuscript.

Where to send it?

Please send all submissions to

Daisi Dina, Assistant Editor

The Register

Ontario Principals' Council

20 Queen St. W, Suite 2700

Toronto, ON M5H 3R3