Negotiations Q and A

As you know, a team from the 3 provincial P/VP associations (OPC, ADFO and CPCO) has been meeting for several months to plan for our upcoming provincial negotiations. If the teacher contracts have been concluded, we have dates set up in February to start our talks with the Crown and Trustee Associations. As we start on this process, we have developed this Q and A document to keep you in-the-loop about progress. It will be updated as new information becomes available. As with all negotiations communications, this document is available for Members only.

Community Complaints to the OCT

Our Protective Services Team is concerned about the dramatic increase in community complaints that were filed in 2022 and 2023 against our Members at the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) compared to previous years. We have sent the OCT a letter expressing our concerns about the negative impacts on the mental health of principals and vice-principals who have frivolous or vexatious complaints (as defined in law) made against them. We also expressed our support for the OCT’s increased use of mechanisms to dispose of cases expeditiously and without an investigation, where possible. If you learn of an OCT complaint made against you, please contact the PST for support.

Governance Review Feedback

As part of our ongoing Governance Review, we’re looking for your feedback about your local OPC District association, the election/selection of Provincial Councillors and your views on the roles of Councillors and Local Presidents/Chairs. You can respond here.

Death of a Principal

Earlier this month, a school shooting in Iowa led to critical injuries for the principal when he risked his life to save students, by placing himself in harm’s way so that students could escape. Last week, he tragically died from his injuries. Another school shooting is shocking and heartbreaking. We send our condolences and thoughts to Dan Marburger’s family and the Perry High School community.

Quote to Ponder

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” – Napoleon Hill


Queen’s Park Update

The House is in recess until February 20, 2024.