We have developed a Health and Physical Education Toolkit with several resources to help you implement and promote understanding of the curriculum. View our Health and Physical Education Toolkit Guide for an outline of the toolkit's components and strategies.


Questions and Answers

View our collection of frequently asked questions about the curriculum that can help you answer questions and discuss the curriculum with parents and staff, and support educators in planning instruction.


Download our PowerPoint presentation that supports professional learning for school staff, which will

  • Provide an overview of the updated curriculum's development process, content and key changes
  • Explore the curriculum and additional resources
  • Help you plan instruction, assessment and evaluation and
  • Support you to have successful conversations with parents.

Educating parents

Download our PowerPoint Presentations that supports parent meetings and discussions, which have information on

  • Changes to the Health and Physical Education (HPE) Curriculum
  • The roles of educators and parents in supporting student learning and
  • Resources available to support parents.

Introduction video

View our introduction video to the curriculum.

Web conference

We keep an archived version of our web conference to support administrators.


Principals and vice-principals play a primary role in promoting positive discussion with parents and educators regarding the newly revised Health and Physical Education curriculum.

This toolkit aims to

  • build administrator understanding of the components and changes in the curriculum
  • support administrator dialogue with parents, community partners and educators about the updated Health and Physical Education curriculum and
  • support partnerships between educators and parents to impact the health and well-being of all students positively.


This resource was developed for the 2015 version of the HPE curriculum. We are keeping it on our website while the current government reviews the curriculum, for your information and use.