This program brings mentoring and coaching together to support a process for leading and learning in relationships. Participants acquire and practice the skills inherent in mentoring and coaching relationships, putting their learning into action and developing a mentor-coach mindset.

View a brief video outlining the Mentor-Coaching Institute.

Program Outcomes

Participants will

  • develop an understanding of the coaching model, basic coaching skills and tools
  • build capacity to support learning and growth through impactful questions, listening, challenging and providing meaningful feedback
  • develop an understanding of a structured coaching conversation
  • practice demonstration coaching and peer coaching with guided observation
  • explore real world applications through case studies and role-playing scenarios and
  • set intentions for key areas of learning and leadership development for administrators.

All participants will receive

  • When Mentoring Meets Coaching: Shifting the Stance in Education (Pearson Canada, 2017)
  • a course study book
  • access to digital support materials including videos, podcasts and additional working tools and
  • a laminated mentor-coaching conversation guide.

Digital Badges

Participants will be eligible to receive a digital badge to refl ect completion of The Mentor-Coaching Institute. This easy-to-use digital badge can be used to display your qualifi cations on social media, networking sites and in email.

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