Our National Virtual Partnerships is a four-part opportunity for school leaders to collaboratively learn about current topics and approaches impacting administrators across Canada. This program offers a unique opportunity to compare and contrast various aspects of education between systems. Shared knowledge by like-minded professionals forms the foundation of these partnerships.

In addition to the weekly sessions, each school leader will be matched with another school leader through the data provided in the National Exchange Survey Profile. 

School leaders will strive to improve student engagement and achievement through the lens of the keynote speaker and their follow-up conversations.

  • Four learning sessions including two “mini-conferences” on current topics 

  • Networking opportunities in breakout rooms with each session

  • Recordings of sessions available for a limited time 

  • Matching with an administrator in another Canadian school board 

  • Possibility to set up one on one discussions with “match” partner

  • “Matches” will commit to a minimum of 1-2 hours per week for the duration

  • The duration of NVP is four weeks

The Anti-Oppressive Leader (Irfan Toor)
Across the country, principals and vice-principals seek to create anti-oppressive and anti-colonial environments in their schools. This difficult and important work is supported when leaders are able to identify some starting points and reflect on their own identity, perspectives and leadership styles. In an effort to provide timely and responsive learning, the contents of this learning session will be determined through a survey that all participants will be asked to complete.
How to Minimize Stress and Burnout (Calm)
A wellness workshop for resilience. Burnout is something that many of us have either experienced before or might experience one day. By understanding how it happens and recognizing the signs, you can flag problem situations early. This workshop will create a break in your employees’ workday to check in with themselves and discover simple strategies to ease the effects of stress and minimize the chances of burnout. 



  • resource guide
  • recommendations for Calm content and resources


All times are communicated in EDT or EST.

Registration deadline

Tuesday, March 1


Confirmation of match

Tuesday, March 22

A survey of topics for The Anti-Oppressive Leader session will be emailed to you at this time

Week 1


April 5

Information video will be shared

Week 2

Tuesday, April 12, 2:00 p.m. EDT

The Anti-Oppressive Leader (1 hour) 

plus small group Discussion (1 hour)

Week 3

Tuesday, April 26, 2:00 p.m. EDT

How to Minimize Stress and Burnout (45 min) plus small group Discussion (1 hour)

Week 4

Wednesday, May 4, 2:00 p.m. EDT

Concluding session and Feedback (1 hour)

Participation requirements
  • Internet
  • webcam
  • speakers or headphones

The session will be delivered via Zoom

NVP is open to all practising Principals and Vice-Principals in Canada
  • School leaders must have a permanent teaching certificate in good standing

  • Candidates should demonstrate flexibility, adaptability, intercultural skills, and a strong capacity to act as an ambassador for their school authority and the exchange program


This professional growth opportunity is available to Principals and Vice-Principals for a registration fee of $400 + HST. 
After registering and completing payment please also complete the National Exchange Survey Profile.


National Exchange Survey Profile

Please complete the National Exchange Survey Profile after you have paid.

Keynote Information

Irfan Toor, Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


Irfan (He/Him) has been an educator in a variety of settings including outdoor and alternative education, but primarily as a secondary science teacher. He is currently the Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for the OPC. Prior to that, he was a school administrator and the Principal of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for the Simcoe County DSB. Irfan has also been involved with the OPC as a member of his local executive, a Provincial Councillor, a Member-at-Large for Provincial Executive and as an instructor for the OPC PQP program. He appreciates that the OPC will have a large role to play in advocating for more equitable practices in our school systems.

As a Pakistani-born Canadian growing up in small towns but also living and working in Toronto for some time, Irfan has an appreciation for the diversity that is present across Canada, but also for the persistence of patterns of bias and discrimination that exist in our communities and schools. Reflecting back on over 40 years of being involved in public education both as a student and then an educator, the diversification of the identities of educators has lagged far behind the identities of students as compared to other sectors. Irfan recognizes the importance of education leaders starting with self-reflection and personal identity if they want to create safe and inclusive spaces. He believes school administrators are integral to fostering inclusive pedagogical practices and dismantling systems of oppression and discrimination in education. Irfan is honoured to participate in the EDI Advisory Committee to support administrators in doing this work.

Calm provides a comprehensive experience to build resilience and mental fitness through better sleep, improved mindfulness, and meditation. Calm’s broad appeal, high brand awareness, and amazing user experience have led to industry-leading employee engagement.

Calm is localized in 7 languages with narrators and content specific to the unique cultures that we serve. Moreover, across all languages, Calm features diverse voices and perspectives to ensure that our resources are inclusive and relevant for everyone in your organization.

Calm’s approach to mental fitness is rooted in a deep foundation of published clinical evidence that supports the value of meditation, sleep, and mindfulness on improving stress and anxiety. Calm has a dedicated research team and Scientific Advisory Board that is dedicated to developing the highest level of clinical evidence to support outcomes from the use of Calm.

Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy
No refunds. If you encounter a special circumstance where a cancellation is required, we will review these requests in writing on a case-by-case basis. 
Interpretation Services Terms and Conditions
The Ontario Principals' Council® (OPC) is committed to accommodating the individual needs of our Members, in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code.  Once a candidate has registered and paid the applicable registration fees for a program, the OPC will contract with an interpretation service of its choosing and will cover the fees and expenses related to interpretation services in accordance with its contract arrangements with the interpreter.  The candidate is welcome to provide a list of preferred interpreters for us to consider, but OPC retains the discretion to choose the provider of these services.

As the OPC is required to comply with the cancellation policy specific to each independent interpreter, it will communicate the cancellation policy to the program candidate in writing. A candidate seeking to cancel their participation in an OPC program must comply with the interpreter’s cancellation policy and be respectful of the associated timelines. Candidates will be held responsible for cancellation fees applied as a result of missing timelines for cancellation.

OPC’s standard refund policy will also apply to all cancellations. 

Please contact Sarah Marshall with any questions: smarshall@principals.on.ca