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The Principal's Qualification Program (PQP) is organized into 12 modules, six in part one and six in part two. The modules incorporate the five domains of the Ontario Leadership Framework and Personal Leadership Resources. This Additional Qualification (AQ) course is developed based on the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) PQP guidelines. The expectations are met through eLearning and face-to-face interaction between the candidates, instructors and guest presenters.

PQP Modules

PQP Part 1 Modules

Module 1: The Role of the Principal

Module 2: Equitable and Inclusive Schools

Module 3: Management and Leadership

Module 4: Pedagogical Leadership

Module 5: Inclusive Education

Module 6: Co-creating Safe Schools

In accordance with the requirements set by the OCT, part one will consist of 125 hours.

PQP Part 2 Modules

Module 7: The Changing Role of the School Leader

Module 8: Co-creating and Inclusive School

Module 9: Building Professional Capital

Module 10: Evidence-based Decision Making

Module 11: Building Relationships with Parents and the Community

Module 12: Supporting Wellness and Well-Being

In accordance with the requirements set by the OCT, part two will consist of 125 hours.

PQP Face-to-Face Program Hours for Part 1 or 2 

72 hours face-to-Face instruction 

28 hours eLearning

25 hours coursework, assignments, research and journal writing   

PQP Online Program Hours for Part 1 or 2

90 hours Asynchronous learning

10 hours Synchronous learning 

25 hours Assignments, research and journal writing  


The Leadership Inquiry Practicum (LIP) is a required component of the PQP. It is a collaborative inquiry guided by the Ontario Leadership Framework for Principals and Vice-principals. It is intended to provide an opportunity for candidates to facilitate a team in a leadership role working with students, staff, parents and the community.

The LIP must apply to a school setting and be mentored by a practising qualified principal or vice-principal. The duration of the LIP will be a minimum of 60 hours, of which 20 hours could be observation. Candidates identify a specific LIP informed by the PQP content and the Ontario Leadership Framework for Principals and Vice-Principals and a problem of practice in a school setting.

Candidates must develop a LIP proposal before being recommended for part one and successfully complete the LIP experience before being recommended for part 2.

Admission Requirements

PQP Part 1 Admission Requirements

  • A member in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers
  • Teacher's certificate
  • An acceptable postsecondary degree
  • Qualifications in three divisions (one of which must be Intermediate)
  • Five years of successful classroom teaching experience in elementary or secondary education and one of:
  • Two specialists, or
  • One specialist and a half master's degree, or
  • A master's degree that required completion of at least 30 graduate postsecondary credits or their equivalent, or a doctorate, or
  • At least 30 graduate postsecondary credits or their equivalent

With the amendment to regulation 184 s44, candidates applying with a Master's degree or half Master's are required to submit a transcript of these courses to the OPC for evaluation to determine if the amended pre-requisites have been met. 

  • The graduate credits must have been granted by an institution authorized to grant an acceptable postsecondary degree and have been completed in addition to any credits required for initial certification. 
  • Honour specialist qualifications apply towards the specialist qualification requirement. 
  • Effective September 30, 2011, qualifications in three subjects from Schedule F is deemed to be equivalent to one specialist or honour specialist qualification for the purposes of admission into Principal's Qualification, Part 1. 
  • For detailed information on the Principal's Qualification admission requirements, please see Regulation 184/97 43-51 from the Education Statutes and Regulations of Ontario. 

If you have an outstanding qualification that is not posted on your OCT certificate, you will need to submit a Conditional Admission Form (for part 1 candidates) verifying completion of the outstanding qualification.

PQP Part 2 Admission Requirements

  • A member in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers
  • Completion of PQP part 1

If you completed the PQP part 1 with another provider and your PQP part 1 qualification is not currently recorded on your OCT certificate, you will need to submit a Conditional Admission Form (for part 2 candidates) verifying completion of the PQP part 1. 

Course Fee

PQP Course Fee

PQP Part 1 or 2 - Face-to-Face 

$990.00 ($940 tuition fee plus $50 non-refundable registration fee)

Candidates may be eligible for a tax receipt

PQP Part 1 or 2 - Online 

$990.00 ($940 tuition fee plus $50 non-refundable registration fee)

Candidates may be eligible for a tax receipt


Upcoming Sessions  

Fully Online: Fall 2020 - Part 1 OR 2 

We look forward to continuing to provide you with face-to-face offerings at our regional sites throughout the province, however, due to current circumstances and uncertainty we have made some changes to our offerings.


Pre-course information – Sept. 21

Module 1/7 – Sept 28

Module 2/8 – Oct. 13

Module 3/9 – Oct. 19

Module 4/10 – Oct. 26

Module 5/11 – Nov. 9

Module 6/12 – Nov. 23

Course closes Dec. 14


PQP Hours

PQP 1 and PQP 2 each include 125 hours of learning divided as follows:

Asynchronous learning

82 hours

Synchronous learning 

18 hours

Assignments, research and journal writing  

25 hours


The program includes synchronous sessions, and group and partner work.  There are two synchronous sessions per module and each session is 1.5 hours in length. 


Registration Deadline: September 14, 2020


Please make sure that you meet the admission requirements before registering for the course. A $50.00 non-refundable registration fee will apply.

If you have any questions, please email  pqp@principals.ca

Terms and Conditions

 Refund Policy
A full refund is available if you cancel up to two weeks before the start date, less a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee.


A $250.00 refund is available if you cancel one week before the start date.


There is no refund for cancellations after the start date.


A full refund applies when a session is cancelled due to low enrollment. 

 Interpretation Services Terms and Conditions
The Ontario Principal’s Council (OPC) is committed to accommodating the individual needs of our Members, in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code.  Once a candidate has registered and paid the applicable registration fees for a course, the OPC will contract with an interpretation service of its choosing and will cover the fees and expenses related to interpretation services in accordance with its contract arrangements with the interpreter.  The candidate is welcome to provide a list of preferred interpreters for us to consider, but OPC retains the discretion to choose the provider of these services.

As the OPC is required to comply with the cancellation policy specific to each independent interpreter, it will communicate the cancellation policy to the course candidate in writing. A candidate seeking to cancel their participation in an OPC course must comply with the interpreter’s cancellation policy and be respectful of the associated timelines. Candidates will be held responsible for cancellation fees applied as a result of missing timelines for cancellation.

OPC’s standard refund policy will also apply to all cancellations. 

Master's Dimension

The Master's Dimension (MD) program is available if you plan on completing the PQP part 1 and PQP part 2 through the OPC and want to pursue a Master's degree.

For more information visit our MD overview.

PQP Required and Recommended Reading

Required and Recommended Readings

Part 1 Texts for ONLINE Program - Required 
Leading in a Culture of Change (2nd edition), by Michael Fullan (The OPC does not carry this book)
Part 1 Texts for FACE-TO-FACE Program - Required
CLARITY: What Matters Most in Learning, Teaching, and Leading, by: Lyn Sharratt, $27.99 plus HST/GST order here
Part 2 Texts for ONLINE Program - Required 
School Climate: Leading with Collective Efficacy by Peter M. Dewitt, $32.95 plus HST/GST order here
 Part 2 Texts for FACE-TO-FACE Program - Recommended
 Collective Efficacy
 by: Jenni Donohoo, $28.95 plus HST/GST order here
 The Wonder Wall
 by: Peter Gamwell & Jane Daly, $26.95 plus HST/GST order here
 The Principal: Three Keys To Maximizing Impact
 by: Michael Fullan, $33.00 plus HST/GST order here
 When Mentoring Meets Coaching: Shifting the Stance in Education
 by: Kate Sharpe & Jeanie Nishimura, $39.96 plus HST/GST order here
 The Principal as Leader of Challenging Conversations
 by: OPC, $29.00 plus HST/GST order here

Why should I take the PQP with the OPC?

  • Over 99 percent of eligible principals and vice-principals in publicly funded schools in Ontario are OPC Members
  • Our Members represent elementary and secondary school leaders from across Ontario and operate within the ethical guidelines of the OCT
  • We follow the new OCT guidelines
  • We are the largest provider of PQP in Ontario
  • Our course prepares new principals and vice-principals for the realities and challenges of the job using adult learning principles
  • We hire practising principals as facilitators/mentors
  • Candidates who choose the Masters Dimension (MD) may be awarded Master's level credits with Charles Sturt University, University of London College and University of Western Ontario
  • It provides a Professional Learning Network (PLN) from across the province
  • You receive professional development support from the staff, legal issues, legal implications of decision making, school safety, school councils and performance appraisal
  • It provides an emotional intelligence inventory to give feedback to the candidates around the strengths and areas for growth as a school administrator
  • Case studies from the protective services team are included
  • Digital enabled learning is used to support candidates' professional learning
  • We are the organization that supports you from the very beginning to the conclusion of your administration career

Please note, it is the responsibility of the candidate to investigate the internal processes of each PQP provider, as they may differ. 


Program deadlines are firm