In early 2022, the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) released a report on its public inquiry into the right to read. The Right to Read inquiry report highlights how learning to read is not a privilege but a basic and essential human right. It calls for critical changes to Ontario’s approach to early reading, in areas such as curriculum and instruction, screening, reading interventions, accommodations, and professional assessments.

The right to read applies to all students, not just students with reading disabilities. The changes indicated in the report are essential for Ontario schools to fulfill their obligations to meet students’ right to read.

The following resources will be helpful to support school leaders in leading this important work. Will update this page as new resources become available.


Planning for What’s to Come: An Overview of School Level Implementation of the Right to Read (Workshop)

Planning for What’s to Come: An Overview of School Level Implementation of the Right to Read

Description: We have partnered with the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) to offer a one-day workshop. 

Joanne Bertrand will facilitate this ‘deeper dive’ into Multi-tiered systems of support as the framework for the implementation of the Ontario Human Rights Commision’s (OHRC)Right to Read Report (R2R)recommendations and the new Ontario Language Arts Curriculum. Participants will consider 

  • What are the key areas of change?  

  • What needs to change in our schools?  

  • What can we continue doing?  

Una Malcolm, President of IDA Ontario will answer questions related to the curriculum and early screening. Alicia Smith, Executive Director of Dyslexia Canada will also provide guidance.  

Principals and vice-principals who have been successfully achieving Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) implementation of the R2R recommendations will share their experiences relative to staff education, support and training, early screening, progress monitoring and the incorporation of structured literacy into their students’ learning. In addition, a teacher who was supported by a principal will describe her experience. 

The workshop will be recorded and resources will be provided to registered participants.

Date: Friday, August 18, 2023

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. EDT

Member fee: $100 + HST (online), $150 + HST (in-person)* 

*includes lunch

Non-member fee: $150 + HST (online), $200 + HST (in-person)

Location: Toronto (OPC Office) or Online

Registration Deadline: August 2

ONLINE Registration

ONSITE Registration

For Member pricing, please ensure you are logged in to the OPC website.

Facilitator: Joanne Bertrand,  Vice-president and Chair of Webinars and Training, International Dyslexia Association (IDA) Ontario

Joanne Bertrand is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers. She began her career as a Child and Youth Worker and then went on to teach and be a school principal for 27 years. She obtained her Specialist Qualifications in Reading, Special Education, and French as a Second Language early in her career. Joanne Bertrand is a certified IDA and CERI (Center for Effective Reading Instruction) Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist. She is also a certified Wilson Reading System Level 2 Instructor, a program that is based on the Orton Gillingham approach.  Helping children and adults with reading challenges and their families is a priority for her. Joanne is chair of Webinars and Training at IDA Ontario. She has coordinated and presented several events for teachers, administrators, parents and students. She also posts structured literacy resources for francophone and FSL students on the IDA website. With IDA Ontario, Joanne hopes to help schools implement the recommendations of the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Right to Read Inquiry Report.

Planning for What's to Come: An Overview of School Level Implementation of the Right to Read (Webinar Recording)

Planning for What's to Come: An Overview of School Level Implementation of the Right to Read

Description: During this 90-minute webinar, the International Dyslexia Association Ontario looked at the history and findings of the Right to Read Report and examine some of the report’s main recommendations including foundational skills, teacher training, curriculum and schools of education. The session covered

  • 3 cueing system - what it is, balanced literacy 
  • Comprehension aspects
  • Play-based learning (JK SK) is compatible with foundational skill building and explicit learning
  • Structured Literacy webinars available on youtube for free: Martha Gr. 1, Kate JK SK, Emily JK SK videos
  • Links to Lifting the Curtain on EQAO Scores and
  • Pisa scores explained.

Date: May 30, 2023