Sponsorship opportunities – OPC Summit on Public Education in Canada

The Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC), representing public school leaders throughout the province, will host this pivotal event. Collectively, we will develop a vision for the future of K-12 education in Canada. The purpose of this Summit will be to identify key challenges and potential solutions related to education across Canada, with a broad vision for future ready students to which all Canadians can aspire with a focus on leadership, anti-oppression and anti-colonialism. Representatives from across Canada with a vested interest in education will participate and join the conversation.  #CanEdSummit

Be part of this national level event!Who is the anticipated audience?

Reach a broad audience! This is your opportunity to make valuable contacts, develop relationships, strengthen your brand and build recognition for your company. No other event in Canada in 2023 will provide such a unique opportunity with such a large-scale number of key decision makers in a single setting. 

Over 400 representatives will attend with a vested interest in Education. 

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Why invest as a sponsor?Image of speech bubbles and silhouettes of various people with words "be part of the conversation, impact and reach, social credibility, size and exposure, national networking, brand awareness and competitive advantage

Depending on your chosen level of sponsorship, there are a number of advantages to sponsoring this event. 

Be a part of the conversation – sponsors may have a reserved seat at the Summit to share their ideas about improving public education. These conversations will move us forward to continued quality public education that is responsive to the changing needs of Canadian society. 

Impact and Reach – A paper summarizing the recommendations will be published following the event to continue the conversation with stakeholders and school systems across Canada. The paper is intended to become a conversation starter that will lead to positive changes. Gold and platinum level sponsors’ logos will be included in the report.  

Social Credibility – This is an opportunity to support social change through education. Your organization will position itself as a supportive member of the community and gain more credibility which can attract more interest and revenue for your business. 

Size – The largest leadership event of its kind for 2023, we are looking to attract between 400-1000 participants in attendance. It’s an opportunity to connect with hundreds of high-level educational leaders.  

National Networking – Opportunities to collaborate and share practices that will enhance outcomes for the future of education and for the well-being of students. An expanded reach and exposure to an audience, including educational leaders in Canada which you may not easily have access to. 

Brand Awareness and Competitive Advantage Exposure to potential new clientele that could provide a competitive advantage. Through your support, your brand will be recognized by both local and national communities that will increase your corporate visibility and exposure.  

Exposure Your investment matters. In exchange for supporting the event, companies can get their name or logo on the following

  • OPC Twitter to spread awareness to over 16,000 followers  

  • dedicated sponsor page on our website

  • thank you ad released in the The Register magazine 

  • event signage and

  • event app.

Twitter icon, desktop computer, OPC Register cover, cell phone with words dedicated sponsors, event app, event posters, banners, thank you ad, spread awareness to over 16,000 followers.

This opportunity will define your place in the education market!    

Corporate sponsorship opportunities

Every effort will be made to ensure that sponsors are provided with exposure, direct marketing and brand awareness opportunities with participants and decision makers. 

LevelPlatinum column

$50,000 and up

Gold column

$25,000 – $49,999

Silver column

$15,000 – $24,999

Bronze column

$5,000 – $14,999

Supporting student Summit participation 

Registration, travel & hotel per student &  chaperone (approx. $3,000)

platinum checkmark
four students and chaperones 

Gold checkmark
three students and chaperones 
silver checkmark 
 two students and  chaperones 
Bronze checkmark
one student and  chaperone

Company name and logo in Summit communications 

(in descending order of opportunity level)

platinum checkmark

 Gold checkmark

silver checkmark   Bronze checkmark

Company name and logo on Summit webpage

(in descending order of opportunity level)

platinum checkmark

Gold checkmark silver checkmark  Bronze checkmark
Company name and logo listed as designated sponsor in The Register magazine

platinum checkmark 

Gold checkmark silver checkmark  Bronze checkmark
Name and logo displayed on overhead screens 

platinum checkmark 

before all plenary sessions


Gold checkmark 

before 2 plenary sessions


silver checkmark  

before 1 plenary sessions


Bronze checkmark

before 1 
plenary sessions

Verbal recognition during the Summit

platinum checkmark 

at opening and closing 

Gold checkmark

at opening 

silver checkmark 

at closing


Promotional signage at meals and nutrition breaks 

platinum checkmark 

at all meals/breaks

Gold checkmark 
at 1 lunch
silver checkmark 
 at 1 nutrition break
Discounted advertising in The Register magazine  platinum checkmark 
4 issues during the 2023/24 year
Gold checkmark
2 issues during the 2023/24 year
silver checkmark 
1 issues during the 2023/24 year
Advertising space in the Summit smartphone app platinum checkmark
full-screen ad
Gold checkmark
1/2 screen ad
Promotional piece on delegate tables once during the Summit  platinum checkmark Gold checkmark    
Promotional signage in hotel at registration area  platinum checkmark Gold checkmark    
Company name and logo in publicly published Summit paper platinum checkmark Gold checkmark    
Free seat at the Summit

 platinum checkmark

2 seats

 Gold checkmark

1 seat

Seat at discussion panel

platinum checkmark

1 seat

Company name and logo on name badge platinum checkmark      

*To those looking to invest less than $5,000 or to provide an in-kind service (i.e. printing name badges) for this event, please contact us directly at 

25th Anniversary Gala Dinner Sponsorship 

Additional Sponsorship opportunities are available for the Ontario Principals' Council 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner on April 2, 2023 at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.