The Global Principal Partnerships (GPP) is a one-week international exchange program for Ontario principals and vice-principals with three essential components

  1. shared knowledge
  2. immersed learning
  3. inquiry-based research

It is grounded in the principles of the Ontario Leadership Framework.

Applicants complete a personal profile survey that matches them with an international colleague. Participants job shadow their partner over a week-long exchange. Accommodation and meals are provided by exchange partners.

Participants are asked to select an area of focus to investigate over the course of the exchange.

Exchange Fee

$350 + HST covers the administration, planning and coordination of the program.

Flights and expenses incurred are the responsibility of the participant.


The GPP aims to give participants the opportunity to

  • travel
  • make new acquaintances
  • learn first-hand how the role of school administrators differs across international districts and school systems
  • engage in a self-reflective process that improves their ability to examine their own practices, ask questions and make changes
  • build international Professional Learning Communities to foster ongoing learning and
  • contribute to and learn from international best practices in education administration and school/system leadership.

Exchange Roster 

There are no exchanges at this time.

(the links to complete payment are for those individuals who have been successfully matched ONLY)

Following the registration deadline all profiles will be reviewed and you will receive a response related to the status of your submission.  

 Program Overview
Global Principal Partnerships (GPP) is a formalized job shadowing program where Ontario principals

participate in this international exchange program with colleagues from abroad. As we become more and
more focused on improving student performance, we recognize that we have much to share with and to learn
from our colleagues in other countries engaged in the same pursuit.

We have had excellent 7-day exchanges with Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Italy where our Ontario
principals travelled abroad over March Break with the return visit being the previous fall, or in the spring.
Our exchanges with Australia and New Zealand have been 10 days in length with our Ontario principals
travelling abroad at the end of July/beginning of August and the visiting principals travelling to Ontario in the

The program has three key components: shared knowledge, immersed learning and inquiry-based research.

Each Ontario principal is matched with an international school leader through the data they provide through a
GPP Survey Profile. Shared knowledge by like-minded professionals forms the basis for deep conversations.

Secondly, each principal will job shadow their partner during the exchange with accommodation/meals being
provided, thus reducing the cost of international travel significantly. By hosting at school and in the home, the
exchanges create international professional learning communities where the friendships and cultural
experiences are exemplary and long-lasting. Culturally and professionally, former GPP participants have
pronounced these experiences as exceptional and undoubtedly, the best professional development of their


Finally, school leaders will work on improving student achievement by selecting a specific area of focus to
investigate. After the exchange, each Ontario participant will submit a brief summary that is aligned with the
Ontario Leadership Framework and speaks to the changes or enhancements to their leadership from this

When educators are exposed to experiences totally outside their regular environments, they can look with a
‘clear’ lens at their own practices and ask the relevant questions necessary for change to occur. The
self-reflective process heightens the ability of a school leader to focus on the merits of a school program
within his/her district and then have directed conversations with their professional partners. As both
provincial and international learning communities take these conversations to deeper levels, the insights
gained are profound.

This professional growth opportunity is available to principals and vice-principals for a registration fee
of $350 + HST when advised that a match has been found. All transportation costs to and from the partnering
country are the responsibility of the participant, as are expenses incurred in the visiting country.

 Past Exchanges
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Finland
 Past Topics of Study 
  • What are the conditions necessary to create a culture of innovation?
  • How to build oral language strategies among Early Years students with special education needs
  • How to build community in and outside of school.
  • How 21st Century learning and technology can transform school assessment and instructional practices.
  • What structures are in place to support students with special needs and how do staff communicate so that all involved with these students are working to meet their needs?
  • What are effective ways to support secondary teachers moving towards 21st century teaching and learning strategies?
  • How can we make global connections, and create innovative learning environments for the future?
  • How are literacy and numeracy planned, delivered and assessed?


No refunds. If you encounter a special circumstance where a cancellation is required, we will review these requests in writing on a case-by-case basis. 

Practising principals and vice-principals are given priority over retirees.

Research Report

Download “A Glance Beyond our Borders: A report on professional exchanges between school administrators.”

This report shares participant experiences and gives readers a better understanding of what GPP is accomplishing.